• To support the promotion of innovative business coaching and mentoring services provided through a highly skilled network of Affiliated Coaches and Mentors.  
We have established The Affiliate Business Coaching and Mentoring Program. 

  • To provide the structure to build a successful income producing business.  
The exclusively created Rainbow 9 Business Building Model is applied by all - Consultants, Coaches, Mentors and Masters.
The Model applied ensures each Affiliate builds their business on the principle of the three pillars of success.

Self preservation through financial independence
Ensuring the growth and sustainability of personal income and equity for life
by way of establishing and maintaining a strong business network
within which to promote income producing opportunities.

Strength through supporting family and friends
Sponsoring Beneficiaries can be a motivation to succeed and strengthen your resolve
as you work to support family or friends in need of financial assistance or income support.
Charity begins at home.

Social responsibility through community engagement
True success however is measured by our ability to give something back to the broader global community in which we all live.
Rainbow 9 will financially support nominated Australian registered charities
by way of donation to the value $40 per month to each charitry.

  • To provide the tools to promote and run a successful income producing business.  
We provide a suite of uniquely branded marketing materials and software options.
We have created the Affiliated Network Marketing Program.

  • To equip each Affiliate with the knowledge and skills to succeed through personal development and continuous improvement.
We will be partnering with FutureLearn to provide free access to university level online courses
from a range of well known universities around the world including our own RMIT, Deacon and QLD University.
Every Affiliate contracts the services of an experienced coach or mentor to personally train them and support their business.