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Rainbow 9 was created to support the promotion of innovative business coaching and mentoring services provided through a highly skilled network of Affiliated Consultants, Coaches, Mentors and Masters.

Providing the structure and tools to build a successful income producing business, Rainbow 9 is helping aspiring new entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams of creating and running their own business through dedication and hard work, applying the unique Rainbow 9 Business Building Model.     

Message From the CEO

"As Rainbow 9 company founder and CEO I am fully committed to the success and growth of Rainbow 9 Pty Ltd and our affiliated partners.    Rainbow 9  is centered on three pillars of success:
  • Self preservation through financial independence;
  • Strength through supporting family and friends;
  • Social responsibility through community engagement.
I highly encourage you to discover how the Rainbow 9 Affiliate Program can not only empower you, but make a real diffierence in your life, those around you and the broader society as a whole"
CEO Gary Bruce (B.Bus.HRM)

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